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At ramesh-srinivasan.com, we use our best efforts to respect the privacy of our on-line visitors. However, all our visitors are advised that the Internet is not a completely secure medium and that confidential communication is not guaranteed. Ramesh-srinivsan.com accepts no responsibility for any damages that result from the transmission of confidential information via this website.

Ramesh-srinivasan.com only gathers personal data, such as name, address, e-mail address, etc. when voluntarily submitted by a visitor. There are two ways in which a visitor may submit personal information via this website.

1) In various areas of the web-site, Ramesh-srinivasan.com provides visitors with opportunities to contact us via e-mail to ask questions & provide comments or, offer suggestions.
2) Forms may be available that provide the visitor an opportunity to join a mail list, book a speaking event, etc. As part of the form(s), a visitor could be asked to provide a name and/or contact information.

This information is used to respond to requests and verify submissions to ramesh-srinivasan.com and will not be published without your explicit permission. In addition, your private information will not be sold, rented, leased, or disclosed in any manner to any person without your prior consent, unless otherwise required by law.

Ramesh-srinivasan.com is not responsible for the privacy practices of any website that a visitor may access through this website via links. Ramesh-srinivasan.com has no control over these websites and does not approve their content. It does not guarantee the accuracy of any information that may be provided on these other websites. Ramesh-srinivasan.com expressly disclaims all liability of any kind arising out of use of, reference to, or reliance on information contained on these linked websites.

The Ramesh-srinivasan.com website is not an endorsement of the services or products found on linked websites.

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