Are you a Krono or a Kairo?

Added 28 September 2015




by M S Jayaraman

In every house hold world over, wherever there are two children, they are often very different, say educationists like Dr Ken Robinson. One child seems responsible, gets up on time and is ready to go to the school on time, whereas the other kid has a tough morning and sees it as a trauma to go to catch a school bus say 7-23 am, ‘every day, day after day’!

This is because some of us Krono’s children and some others are Kairo’s children!

Krono is the Greek god of time and kairo is the Greek god of seasons! As per the Hindu system Kronos is the sun god and Kairos can be Varuna!

Actually it is the krono that runs the Society and we all wear the Krono symbol in out wrists! Time is measured linearly minute by minute or hour by hour. We all struggle to manage this scarce resource.

The time of seasons is reasonably predictable but never precisely as in krono time. You know when the spring is around and as soon as it arrives, the trees will start flowering any time. No one can say spring or monsoon will break exactly at this time on this date!  The cycle of gestation and that of the birth of a child is pure kairos! 

While over a period of time, most us strike the right balance, there are quite a few who tend to be High-krono and some others high-kairo. Because of these differences there is often conflict at work between these two groups! Like a High-krono team leader gets into conflict with a brilliant, creative, high-kairo  team member.  The conflict starts when the high- kairo member turns up 10 minutes late  for the very first meeting and that is taken as a personal insult by the High-Krono leader for whom,10am means 10am.Whereas for the high-Kairo 10 am means ‘around 10’ and 10-10 am is not really late at all!

When asked by colleagues as to why he/she  is late for many meetings he/she is likely to say “Well, honestly, it depends on the meeting and the things they discuss. They ‘kindaa’ drive you mad on time! If at all I wish to say something, before I could complete it, people look at their watches! Then why fuss over my not being there for  just 10 minutes,you tell me”

The high-krono Team leader will be benefited by the views and participation of this Kairo, because this high-kairo has an instinctive perception of the deeper issues.But the high-krono team head is keen to enforce the time, which is seen as an avoidable obsession by the kairo!

High-kairos are the peole who are creative and brilliant but tend to ask for a little’ extra time, at the last moment! They love the snooze feature! And when asked. “What will you do if you get an additional two hours every day, they will quip “I will sleep"

Following tips will be useful to all


  • Please develop better Understanding towards Kairos! Once you know someone is a high-kairo, learn to appreciate his perception of time. You may counsel him to be on time but do  not punish him a little too soon
  • Listen to their ‘feelings’ and observe their sense of ‘timing’


  • Being the children of Seasons you ought to know that it is because of the Sun, seasons are there! Understand, before it is too late, Krono is the ultimate boss!

Mothers of two kids

Please do not put down the Kairo kid comparing him/her with the Krono sibling! Experience indicates that the kids who could not get ready for the school bus are doing much better in life than their “always on-time’ siblings!


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