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Speaking topics Requested and Delivered.



Sales & Marketing Customer Service Leadership Managerial Effectiveness Strategy Making Best Practices

Managing Large Accounts

Service Excellence – steps and gaps Servant Leadership Team Learning in Organizations Thinking Strategy Management of Self
Sales Mgmt– Components and Rules Customer centric Product definition  

Organization – Organism or Machinery?


First Time managers – Time tested advice

Strategic Intent Management of Team

Marketing Myths

Listening to the Voice of the Customer (VoC) Leadership – Art, Science, Magic or Myth?  

Strategic Influence at the workplace

Strategy Making for Business Units  

Problem Solving – Look within and without

Roles and Goals of Sales Professionals

Co-creating services with customers  

Human Sciences in Management


Manager as a Coach

Cross-functional buy-in for strategies

Technology and business – is there a connect?

Best Practices in Sales & Marketing Metrics for customer satisfaction  

Corporations as Social Units


Creativity in Business


The Art of Execution

Technical to Market connect

Strategic Selling

Mass Customization in Customer Service  

Irrationality in Decision Making


Decision Making – Process & Quality

Balancing Strategy and Tactics Market driven Technology products 
Creating Superior Perceived Value (SPV) in your Markets The User-Buyer Continuum Being a Leader  

Employee Engagement

Building Strategies for highly competitive markets  

Product Management for Services companies

Should Marketing replace selling? Business Planning for Customer Service Visioning & Setting the Direction Doing as a Manager Does Building a Market Strategy The Art of Asking Questions
The four happenings in the history of Sales Service Professional – Roles & Goals  Building a Shared Vision Managing superstars in your team

Strategy and Organization structure

 Goal setting and Performance Management


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Participants of NIIT Leadership Summit

NIIT Leadership Summit Participants

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