Profile as a Coach

Added 01 September 2015

The benefits that the coachees, their teams and organisations, have derived from coaching:

Profile as a Coach

Ramesh is an acclaimed Executive Coach who has completed extensive assignments in Coaching CXO-level executives at Honeywell, Symantec, Cisco, IBM, nVidia, Wells Fargo, Tata Motors, Qualcomm, Laurus Labs, Oracle and D E Shaw & Co. He has coached numerous Senior Executives at levels of Senior Vice-Presidents, CXOs and Directors. The people he has coached are typically of 22+ years of work experience, and are running teams of sizes varying anywhere from 300 to 1200 people.

He is currently coaching over 20 CXO-level people  across Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai.

Ramesh has an experience that has aggregated over 2500+ hours of Executive Coaching.

In keeping with the principles of Executive Coaching, all of Ramesh’s assignments have a metric that ultimately impacts organizational performance parameters. Typically, the person coached by Ramesh will end the assignment by making a presentation on a PAP (Personal Action Plan) to the Board of Directors and/or a group of peers.

Ramesh broadly follows the overall philosophy of Marshall Goldsmith in all his coaching endeavors.

The benefits that the coachees, their teams and organisations, have derived from coaching:

Broadly, 3 categories of benefits (Examples):

Personal to the Coachee 

Clarity of Purpose, Confidence in communication, Admitting areas of pain, Confronting Personal Demons, Plans to take things head-on, Seek and get alignment with teams, bosses and organization, Awareness and realization of potential

Coachees' Teams

Less stressed leaders, Coachee becomes the "glue" that holds the team, differentiated approaches to good/bad/medium performers, being the "insulator" between bosses and team members

Organization Gains

Enhanced Business Acumen, Leadership-ready person, Willingness to take on additional responsibilities, Enthusiastic Change Agent, Focus on Effectiveness rather than mere efficiency, Customer Centricity


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